Current Research Initiatives

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Testing roe herring

Camera Spawn Surveys

A second year of camera spawn surveys were conducted in Big Bay, Chatham Sound and in the Strait of Georgia in the spring of 2010.   A final report for the project has been submitted.

2010 Herring Video Survey Final Report (14.3 mb)

Ocean Ecology Website with underwater herring spawn video

Herring Metapopulation Analysis

The HCRS approved this proposal in 2008.   The paper was presented, reviewed and accepted at a September 2009 PSARC meeting.

2009 CSAS report: Herring Multi-stock Population Analysis.

Mounting herring scales for age determination

Biological sampling of BC Herring

The HCRS approved this proposal in 2009.   The paper was presented, reviewed, and accepted at a January 2011 CSAP meeting.

2011 CSAS report: Biological sampling of BC herring: Analysis of sampling requirements for characterizing age structure and other biological characteristics.

Changes in Pacific Herring Spawn Density

Extended abstract for herring spawn egg layers

2011 CSAS report: Investigating changes in Pacific Herring spawn density (layers).

Egg Loss Library – compiled by Doug Hay

Titles, authors and hyperlinks to 60+ scientific publications.


a) Monitoring herring roe maturity on the spawning grounds.

b) Mounting herring scales for age determination and population assessment.