HIAB Meeting Summaries

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Fresh herring

HIAB has regular pre and post season meetings with DFO staff.   Other stakeholders are welcome to attend as observers. Additional meetings are scheduled as required.

2014 Meeting Summaries

HIAB January 06, 2014 Meeting Record

2013 Meeting Summaries

HIAB November 21, 2013 Meeting Record

Collecting kelp for SOK pond

2012 Meeting Summaries

HIAB April 20, 2012 Meeting Record

HIAB May 10, 2012 Meeting Record

HIAB September 2012 Meeting Record

Nelson Brothers 2012 Economic Study of Food & Bait Fishery


a) Fresh herring product.

b) Collecting kelp for a spawn-on-kelp pond.

2011 Meeting Summaries

HIAB Feb 1, 2011 Meeting Record

HIAB May 4, 2011 Meeting Record

HIAB Sept 15, 2011 Meeting Record

Science Presentation at May 4th HIAB Meeting

Operational Protocol for Cable Ferry in Baynes Sound

BC Ferries, DFO, and HIAB have approved the following operational protocol for the operation of a cable ferry in Baynes Sound.

BCF-HIAB Protocol – June, 2011