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Testing herring roe

HCRS has funded innovative research that benefits all users of the resource.   HCRS funding for projects has greatly increased our understanding of stock structure, genetics, fish movement, and has allowed for substantial upgrades to DFO herring databases.   Major targets of research funding have included coded wire tagging, herring migratory behavior, near shore northern BC herring, Strait of Georgia and Central Coast juvenile herring surveys, coast wide spawn distribution mapping and herring/salmon recruitment prediction studies.   Some workshop results from recent reviews of stock assessment models and herring disease concerns are shown below.

Male testes and three stages or grades of roe

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Population Model Workshop – June, 2010

HCRS Workshop Report 1

Herring Disease Workshop – January, 2010

HCRS Workshop Report 2


Male testes (left) and three stages or grades of herring roe (#1, #2 and #3).